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Unearthing Uncommon Values

We are an Investment Adviser founded in 1999 focused on investing in Micro Cap stocks.


Years ago, Rutabaga founder Peter Schliemann was the portfolio manager for David L. Babson & Company's Babson Enterprise Fund. His unique investment approach produced results that led Morningstar to describe the fund in memorable terms. When Peter founded our firm on this same approach, it didn't take us long to figure out what to name it.

Babson Enterprise Fund is no garden-variety small-company fund… this closed fund has been unearthing rutabagas… the fund holds companies that the casual observer often wouldn’t recognize… that are unknown to the average investor. The fund certainly demonstrates the argument that the smallest stocks offer the best opportunities for finding unrecognized value in the long term.


– Morningstar Inc.


Our investments are like rutabagas: uncommon and unloved, but good for you. We have longer time horizons than most, do not fear illiquidity, invest in under-covered and out-of-favor companies, and maintain strict portfolio discipline.

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